Where to Find Cheap & Free Moving Boxes

Keep your moving costs down by finding free moving boxes locally – here are some of the places to look!

Free boxes on Gumtree

Check Gumtree’s “Freebies” section or search for cardboard boxes in your area to find people giving away moving boxes for free, or at least a lot cheaper than brand new. Usually these are from previous moves so expect used boxes with a few labels or scribbles on them. Don’t forget to ask about the sizes of the boxes before collecting.

Handily, you can also set up an alert with your search. Do this a few weeks before moving and get emails directly to your inbox when a listing that matches your search is posted!

Freecycle for moving supplies

Your local freecycle group can be a great resource for not only free moving boxes but also potentially other essential moving supplies like bubble wrap or tape. People will post their used or leftover cardboard boxes and it’s usually first-come, first-served. ¬†You can also post a ‘wanted’ listing.

Friends, family & neighbours

Do you have a local friend or family member who has recently moved? Offer to take their empty moving boxes off their hands and you’ll be saving them time too – win-win! Also keep an eye out for neighbours moving in. I found enough boxes for my entire move once out by my shared recycling bins – the new upstairs neighbour had just finished unpacking. People will often leave boxes like this broken down next to recycling areas, in case others want to take them.


Get moving boxes from local shops

Supermarkets, local shops and basically anywhere that receives regular deliveries are great sources of free moving boxes. They usually have a process for breaking down and getting rid of the boxes pretty fast, so ask if they’d let you collect boxes when it’s most convenient for them. Make sure the boxes are sturdy enough for your belongings; usually anything that originally contained heavy items is perfect. Wine and beer boxes (check your local off license!) are perfect and the boxes with dividers can work well for glassware in particular.

Use what you have & start collecting early

Cut down the number of moving boxes you have to acquire by using storage containers, plastic boxes and anything you already have around the house. Be aware that if you are hiring a moving company they may require that everything is packed into proper boxes. Start collecting boxes from deliveries early – this goes for any packing materials like bubble wrap, too.

Buy a moving box pack

If you’re short on time to hunt out free moving boxes, or want brand new ones, consider buying a moving supplies pack. These are usually sold by type, for example “2 bedroom moving box pack” or “student moving supplies”. Make a rough estimate of how many boxes you’ll need before purchasing.

The benefit of such packs is that you’ll usually receive a mixture of sizes of boxes, suitable for different types of items. (Don’t forget to pack heavy things like books in smaller boxes!). Often the moving pack comes with extra moving supplies you’ll need like packing tape, packing paper and bubble wrap. You can also find speciality boxes like wardrobe boxes, which are harder to find for free second-hand. Find some of our top moving box pack picks below:

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