Making Friends in London

Eeek! Making friends in London can be a big worry for those about to move, or even if you’re already here. But with over 8 million living in London there are plenty of ways you can meet new people.

Friends of friends

You might have a couple of friends in London already, and they’re bound to involve you in their next social activity (it’s always fun when friends move to your city!). Take the opportunity to get to know their friends as well – you already have a person in common, so chances are you’ll find someone you get on well with.

Make friends with your colleagues

Sure, some of the people at your new job will forever be just colleagues or work friends, but others might become people you see outside of work as well. Make sure you join in with work social activities and after-work drinks, get to know the people you work with and don’t be shy about inviting work friends to out-of-work events.

Follow your hobbies

If you love cycling, go to yoga, are learning a language or into pottery, you’ll find a class or group for this in London. You’ve got something in common already, so don’t worry about having nothing to talk about! Try for all sorts of social groups, or check out local gyms or evening classes to start making friends in London!

Make friends by volunteering

Volunteering is a double win – making friends while giving back to charity or your community. Whatever your work or study hours, there will be something to fit in around them, so look up local opportunities at or check charities’ websites.

Did you make friends in London in the above ways or have tips on how to meet people? Let us know in the comments!

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