Moving To London Alone

So you’ve decided London is the place for you, but one thing is stopping you from making the move… you don’t know anyone there! Have no fear, in this city of over 8 million people, you’ll soon be making new friends if you’re moving to London alone.

But where do I live?

For many the obvious choice when moving to London, or any new city, is a flatshare with friends. But if you’re moving on your own there are still plenty of options!

Friend of a friend (of a friend…)

Chances are if you don’t know anyone in London, you at least know someone who knows someone in London. Ask around your family, friends, acquaintances and see if anyone knows anyone with a spare room. Having that one person in common means you’ve instantly got something to talk about, and you’ll hopefully get to meet them before you commit to moving in.

Go Flatmate Speed-Dating

A relatively new phenomenon that has increased in popularity over the past couple of years, proving there are plenty of people moving to London alone. Some letting sites set up ‘speed dating’ events where you can go along and meet others also moving to London on their own and looking for a new group of friends to live with. If you hit it off, make sure you have the same moving week in mind, and get flat hunting!

Find a room in London online

Moving to London alone is not unusual! There are plenty of sites offering room rentals within shared flats and houses. Sites such as SpareRoom and EasyRoommate are a couple of examples where either landlords or current tenants are looking to fill rooms. Make sure you arrange a viewing beforehand to both check out the place and meet your potential housemates!

Will I be lonely?

Assuming you’re going to be working or studying, you’ll quickly meet new people even if you move on your own. And there are plenty of other ways to meet people in London as well. Read our tips on making friends in London for some ideas!

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