Moving to London for a Year

moving to london for a year

There are lots of reasons you might be thinking of moving to London for a year. Whether it’s for study, a work placement, visiting from abroad or just to test the water, here are some useful tips for making the most of your year living in London.

Make a wishlist

What are the things you most want to see in London during your year? Once you’re living here and studying or working, it’s easy to fall into a daily pattern and you may end up leaving London without visiting half of the places you wanted to see! Make a list of everywhere you want to go and challenge yourself to tick them all off.

Document your time

Whether it’s something personal like a diary, or public like a blog or Flickr account, you’re sure to want to have a record of your year in London to look back on. Choose a method that’s easy to stick to – if you hate writing and are always taking photos with your phone, don’t promise yourself you’ll write an essay every week, but maybe try making an album of Instagram photos at the end of the year. It’s something to show your friends and family as well as flick through in future when you’re reminiscing about that year you moved to London :)

Stay in touch

Remember to stay in touch with friends and family when you move to London, they’ll love to know what you’re up to and may even be able to visit so you can show them around. And keep track of the people you meet while you’re here – you can make friends from all over the world and you never know when you’ll cross paths again. Keeping in touch is so easy these days so there’s no excuse!

Explore the unusual

By all means check out the usual tourist spots, but if you’re moving to London for a year, you’ll quickly realise that there’s plenty more to see. Pick a tube stop you’ve never been to and find out what’s nearby, browse Time Out for upcoming events, or even just see if there’s anything right round the corner you’ve not found yet. London is a big place, but in a year you can see a lot!

Are you moving to London for a year or even a few months? Have you already done it? Let us know your tips and suggestions in the comments :)

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