Should I Move To London?

Ah, the ultimate question. We’re not here to tell you it’s the best city ever and you should pack up and move here tomorrow! Well, maybe in another post. Here are a few practical tips if you’re thinking “Should I move to London?”. It’s not the place for everyone, but maybe it’s the place for you 🙂

Check it out. The best thing you can do is visit and get a feel for London away from the popular tourist spots. Visit a friend or family member, find a flat to rent for a few days in an area you’d consider living in, or just do a day trip. Try to avoid the tourist traps, and act as if you’re already living here – visit some of the free attractions, parks, find a local pub and get a sense of the neighbourhood.

Think about your lifestyle. Do you love having a car or eating out all the time? Can you afford to do that in London? Figure out a few areas you can afford to live in and look at your likely commute to work or university if you already have that planned out. Think about who you’d be living with – friends, strangers, as a couple – that’s a whole decision in itself!

Review your budget. We love London, but it’s notoriously pricey. When deciding if you should move to London or not, take into account the costs of rent, essentials, entertainment and travel. If you’re renting elsewhere in the UK, particularly outside of South England, make sure you’re aware of what your current rent will get you in London, so you don’t get a shock later on.

Investigate London’s work and study options. Moving to London for work is common, and it goes without saying that you should start the job hunt early if you can. If you’re thinking about studying in London, don’t forget to factor in the (usually) higher rent, and figure out if you’d need to get a job on top of your student loan. Most importantly, make sure you’ve found the right course for you!

And if you do decide to move… read our posts for handy moving to London tips & advice!

Hopefully that’s a good starting point for thinking about whether you should move to London. If you’ve got any suggestions or questions, let us know in the comments!

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